Located Smack in the Middle of the Steelhead Capitol of the World!

AAA Guidebook Rates Us 8 out of 10 for Most Scenic RV Parks in the Entire Western United States!
and 8 Out of 10 Stars from RVParkReviews.com & 4 out of 5 stars on Yelp!

About KRRVP & the town of Orleans, CA where our RV Park is located, Six Rivers National Forest, Marble Mountain Wilderness, Trinity Alps and the surrounding area.

30 years ago Klamath Riverside RV Park was just a dusty fishing camp! Over the years, with the addition of showers, laundry, a small swimming pool, pavilion, and the planting of literally hundreds of trees, rose bushes and other blossoming plants, it has turned into a virtual paradise!

Our guests have been returning here year after year, some for decades, and stay a month or even more.

Here are what some our guests are saying:

"We have been staying at this park for over 10 years and plan to continue each October. Nice, clean park that is well maintained. The park is about 100' from the Klamath River and fishing for Steelhead & Salmon is fantastic (in season). There are fishing guides that stay in the park and are available for drift fishing on the Klamath River. During fishing season, reservations are recommended! We camped here in a Fifth Wheel." (8 out of 10 Stars from www.RVParkReviews.com)

"I have been going to this RV park for years and years. While it is not fancy, it is clean and access to the river is a short walk. It's closer than the 500 yards mentioned by others. There is a great salmon hole out back called Turtle Rock. We have pulled many 20+ pound salmon here, right out back of your camp site. Great wildlife, scenery, and it is very quiet. If you are looking for a basic, clean spot to stay for a while, this is it. We camped here in a Motorhome." (8 out of 10 Stars from www.RVParkReviews.com)

"While interviewing our returning customers last season, your RV Park was recommended to us as a destination we could in turn suggest to our clients... "
Don D'Allessandro, Vacation Advisor, Altman's Winnebago Rentals (Van Nuys, CA)

"We want to thank you for the best vacation we ever had. We all wish that we could be up there right now!" Betty Blacksher, Mike Harrison, Doug Clayson & "Baby" the cat.

"Can't tell you what a pleasant surprise you've made of your RV park. We'd love to come back when the fish are running!" Ceil Devel (Kernville, CA)

"Wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your park. It was the best one we stayed in for peace & quiet. We will see you next year... we would love to be there now!" Ruth & Bill McFarland (Hemet, CA)

Activities, here and close by:
Fishing - from the river bank, drift fishing, guided fishing.
White-water rafting - tubing - canoeing - swimming - kayaking.
Panning for GOLD!
Casino near by.
Cycling, hiking, wildlife & bird watching.

All located within the lovely Six Rivers National Forest on the Bigfoot Scenic Byway, not far from the famous Trinity Alps, Redwood National Park and Marble Mountain Wilderness!

About Orleans, CA: General Info:

A small, former gold mining town, which is nestled in a beautiful and quiet valley in the NE corner of Humboldt County, inside of Six Rivers National Forest.
Orleans is a diverse community that includes the Karuk (Native American) people, many organic farmers, fruit orchards, artisans, miners, timber workers and Forest Service Personnel. Many senior citizens have chosen this serene setting to enjoy their retirement.

The main hub of the community is just steps away from the Klamath River where fishing, river rafting and boating are enjoyed by many enthusiasts.
The surrounding mountains offer many hiking, biking experiences with occasional encounters with the four-footed inhabitants such as bears, deer, foxes, cougars and the adorable river otters, which are spotted quite regularly.

Bird watching on the Klamath River and the RV Park is quite a beautiful experience. Ospreys, blue herons to bald eagles are among just a few of the wide variety of wildlife seen in the surrounding area.

In the spring the valley comes alive with color! Peach, apple, pear, plum and cherry trees are spotted everywhere. Many varieties of wild flowers abound as well.

About Orleans, CA: Facts

Orleans was originally called Orleans Bar.

Orleans was the County Seat for Klamath County, later split into three counties: Humboldt, Del Norte & Siskiyou.

In 1851 Trinity County was divided, with the new county of Klamath being formed on the northern half of Trinity County. It wasn't until 1857 that Klamath County was divided, forming Del Norte County. In 1874 Klamath County was absorbed by Humboldt & Siskiyou Counties.

The town was originally a thriving little community due to the logging industry and gold mining. (A local told me, at its peak, there were more than 5,000 people called this area home!) Gold mining, dredging and panning for gold is still in progress in the area.

In 1964 the flood water rose so high it took out the bridge and deposited 3 to 4 feet of silt, leaving the best soil available for organic farms and fruit orchards. (SEE more about the Christmas Flood of 1964: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christmas_flood_of_1964 )

The new bridge was constructed on the site of the bridge lost in the flood. The Klamath River bridge is 770 feet long overall, by 28 feet wide, with a 430 foot center span and two 130 foot end spans. The structure is a steel box girder with a monolithic reinforced concrete deck, it is supported by steel suspension cables from reinforced concrete towers. It was completed in 1966.

In 1967 the bridge was honored by the American Institute of Steel Construction with an Award of Merit in the Long Span Category! (It was the last bridge built in America with steel suspension cables.)

(Photos used with permission from Patrick: Flicker Photos http://www.flickr.com/photos/suspensionstayed/ ) of bridge not 2 miles away from entrance to the Klamath Riverside RV Park. "An extremely nice stroll."

For the fungal fanatic, wild forest mushrooms abound in both spring & fall.

The elevation is 400 feet with a mild climate and the population varies, according to season, but is usually around 650.

The annual Father's Day Parade & Picnic has been held every year, without fail, since 1948. The picnic honors the Old Timers over 70 and the public is invited to join the festivities.

In the surrounding area within a few minutes drive are wilderness lakes, marble mountains, historic trails, steelhead fishing, salmon fishing, white-water rafting, guided trips, hunting, loop drives, Karuk Tribe of California, Fish Lake, Go Road, Orleans Mountain, Sugar Loaf Mountain, mountain biking, camping and of course, Klamath Riverside RV Park. 

Notice the RED "X", which is the approx. location of Klamath Riverside RV Park, and how we are SURROUNDED by National Forests & Wilderness Areas!
Isn't our kind of area what you think of when you want to get away from it all?

Marble Mountain Wilderness


The United States Congress designated the Marble Mountain Wilderness in 1964 and it now has a total of 241,744 acres. All of this wilderness is located in California and is managed by the Forest Service.


Craggy peaks, abundant meadows, large streams, and a whopping 89 lakes stocked with trout highlight this wild and pleasant area. Adding to the visual interest are many fascinating geological features, including Marble Mountain itself, a stark, red-and-gray marbled peak. Most of the lakes are gems set in rocky settings, and at least one-third of the Wilderness is cloaked in a great variety of trees, dominated by tanbark oak, madrone, and Douglas fir lower down, and whitebark pine, foxtail pine, and mountain hemlock higher up. You will find alpine meadows and bare rock in the highest elevations. Bear, deer, and many other species of wildlife are plentiful.

Most of the peaks exceed 6,000 feet in height, with Boulder Peak being the highest at 8299 feet. Long recognized for its wild value, this region became a Primitive area in 1931, a Wilderness in 1953, and a part of the NWPS in 1964. Numerous trails provide excellent and extensive access to the Wilderness, and human use is rated as moderate except at Sky High, Campbell, Cliff, Summit, Paradise, and Ukonom Lakes, where visitors tend to congregate. The Pacific Crest Trail crosses the entire Wilderness for 32 miles north-south, and accesses many other trails.

Most of the trails offer relatively easy travel for humans and horses.

Lower Bear Lake, Marble Mountain Wilderness

Trinity Alps Wilderness Area


The United States Congress designated the Trinity Alps Wilderness (map) in 1984 and it now has a total of 525,636 acres. All of this wilderness is located in California and is managed by the Bureau of Land Management and the Forest Service.


Formerly known as the Salmon-Trinity Alps Primitive Area, the Trinity Alps Wilderness is located 50 miles west of Redding California. The area contains the Wild and Scenic Trinity River in the south and the Wild and Scenic Salmon River in the north. Numerous rushing streams feed into these rivers, many of them emerging from the region's 55 lakes. Scattered stands of timber, some of them virgin, are opened by large meadows with wildflowers in July and August, and shadowed by barren rock cliffs and stark peaks with elevations up to 9,000 feet. Black bears are common (despite the name, they're often colored brown or blond), sharing the area with an abundance of other wildlife species. As much as 12 feet of snow falls on the high country every year. Currently the entire Wilderness (one of the state's largest) is situated on, and managed solely by, the USFS.

The Trinity Alps Wilderness contains a total of 550 miles of maintained trails. Numerous loop hikes are available, requiring three to five days to complete. Seventeen miles of the Pacific Crest Trail run through the northern part of the wilderness. There are many areas within the wilderness capable of providing opportunities for solitude.

Trinity Alps Wilderness 
(All photos & info on the wilderness areas from the USFS)

Grizzly Falls - Trinity Alps Wilderness Area - Photo by Gary Robertson http://www.flickr.com/photos/garytrinity/3739405011/in/photostream/ 
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